Dribbling Attack and Dribbling Defence

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How do your players move the ball around the court? Basically it comes down to two very fundamentals skills:

  • Passing and Dribbling are the two ways for players to move the ball and attack their opposition!
That's why in this session, designed for teams of all ages and abilities we aim to reinforce correct dribbling technique - ensuring the ball is bounced to the side of the running player, between hip and chest height and that most importantly players protect the ball!

So what happens if you don't protect the ball? This is what the final part of this session works on, as we teach your players to protect their ball!

In the final exercise only half your players will be dribbling, so to make sure your players hold onto their ball we've made a big incentive. If the ball is taken from them by a defender they'll be made to run a lap before they're allowed to rejoin the game!

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