Your first hockey training of the new season

If you want to maximise the number of touches each player has on the ball and improve their reverse and open stick play then this first hockey training plan is the place to start.

In this plan players work in pairs throughout - so you can be sure they will all have a lot of time to perfect their dribbling, turning and their ability to correctly weight the pass.

Is this plan easy to set up?

All the practices are incredibly simple to set up so you won't spend the entire time placing cones and can easily be tailored to deal with differing levels of player. What's great about this plan is you will be able to quickly get large groups of players passing and moving - giving you ample opportunity to go round and assess your players' skill and fitness levels.

With more experienced players place them under match conditions and you'll be able to tax both their aerobic and anaerobic energy systems - preparing these techniques in preparation for match play.

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