Handball Drill Demonstration


warm up with dribbling the ball.

1. every player with a ball dribbling inside the 9m area. on the whistle they need to sit down in group of threes backs to backs. 

- dribbling and trying to steal the others ball, meanwhile saving their own one. sit in group of 3 on whistle.

2. players starting on the line, dribbling to the other side and back: -strong hand

-weak hand

-changing hands

-high knees

- ball around the waist

-throw the ball up and forward and catch it ( let is bounce ones)

-throw it from behind the back with two hands

-roll it, pick up and jump, same with other hand

3.players pair up with one ball. one of them is dribbling, the other one tries to steal it. 30 sec and change

Coaching points

eyes-hands coordination, dribbling the ball without constantly watching it.

explain dribbling technique (especially if players are playing another sport with different technique like basketball), and what counts as double dribble. 

encourage them to practice with both hands. 

explain how to cover the ball with their body when someone wants to steal the ball.

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