Handball Drill Demonstration


All players are running freely on a badminton court or an area limited by cones.
1 or 2 are catchers.
The catchers must try to catch the free players by touching them.
If a player is caught, she must lie down and can only be 'liberated' if 4 of her team-mates lift her in her arms and legs and carries her to the nearest side line (hospital) where a mattress can be placed (or on the floor if mattresses are not available).
A player, who is in contact with a 'patient', cannot be caught.
The game can also be performed as a competition, where the players are divided in 2 teams and 2 catchers, 1 for each team.
The play is timed and the team, which has been caught the most, has lost.
The coach, who counts how many 'patients' are brought out, makes account.

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