Handball Drill Demonstration


Today, handball is sport in which anaerobic endurance and start stop type of movement play dominant role during the match because of the game tempo nowdays. According to Croatian researches, modern handball player runs cca. 3.5 kilometars(depends on position) during the game and 1300 meters of that is in maximal or submaximal tempo. The specific defending movement is not included in these numbers.


Players are devided in 4 (approximately homogenous) groups in 4 corners. Player runs as fast as he can to his 7 meters line and back to the corner, then to center-back to the corner, opposite 7m line-back to the corner, crossing of oposite 6m line and basic line-back to the corner, and finaly corner-corner, and it gives total 280 meter. All 4 groups are working in the same time.

8 series total, 2240 meters.

I recommend 2x4 series and the break of 5-6 minutes betwen them in which you will do some easy mobility or coordination drills. Rest between series is 1:30.

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