Ultimate Drill Demonstration


  • Have three or more players stand together on a start line, with a finish line at a desired distance
  • Number the players
  • The objective is to get the disc from the start line to the finish line
  • When someone is holding the disc, they may only pivot, they may not walk or run
  • Player 1 starts with the disc; they may only throw to Player 2. Player 2 can only throw to Player 3, and so on. The last player can only throw to Player 1.
  • Players can move freely, but must stand still to receive the disc.
  • All players must throw the disc at least once before reaching the finish line

Coaching points

  • Encourage players to focus on the skills that they have learned, particularly the pivoting, throwing and catching skills
  • Players should be reminded that they are not allowed to move when they have the disc
  • Players are encouraged to call the name of the player that they are throwing to.


  • Introduce 1 defensive player
  • Introduce a time limit of 30 seconds to get the disc from one end to the other without dropping the disc
  • Continue to add additional defenders, or reduce the time limit, to push the players

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