Ultimate Drill Demonstration


  • Split into groups of 3
  • One disc per group
  • Form a triangle, 5 metres from each athlete
  • Players must fake the pass anticlockwise to one partner, and then use the forehand throw to the other partner

Coaching points

  • Watch the disc all the way into your hands
  • Make sure you pivot; remember that you pivot leg is opposite to the throwing arm (left leg pivot = right handed thrower. Right leg pivot = left handed thrower)
  • Practice calling the name of the person that you’re about to throw the disc to before every pass
  • Aim to get your body behind the disc. Increases the likelihood of catching. If the disc is high, jump to get your chest behind it. If the disc is low, try kneeling before the catch.


  • Try going around in both directions; clockwise and anti-clockwise
  • Start close enough to each other that everyone is comfortable with the throws. If your group is comfortable completing several rotations in both directions, make the triangle bigger

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