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Position players in pairs and singles in the zones as shown in the diagram. Players must stay in their respective areas. Goalkeepers can throw or kick the ball into any area.

The object of the game is for defenders (lone players) to pass to attackers(pairs) who attempt to shoot on goal. If a defensive player blocks the path to goal, the player in possession should pass the ball to a teammate in a better scoring position. Change positions after a period of time or after a goal is scored by either team.

1. Add players for groups of 2 and 3.
2. Add more balls for younger players.
3. Make it 2 touch for older players.

Coaching points

  • Try to pass to a player you can see, maybe pass it sideways if a defender is blocking his goal.
  • Use the inside of your foot for shot passes in your area.
  • Try to pass the ball in front of a teammate so they can pass or shoot with their 1st touch.
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