Soccer Drill Demonstration


Objective: The team on the outside to retain possession (on outside only) & switch play by combining with middle attacking team. It will get players thinking, moving & working together.

Use a 20 x 20 grid and split your players into 3 groups, bibbed up. For example if you have 12 players (3 teams of 4). This activation practice will get players thinking, moving and working together. You will have 1 team spread on the outside of the box and 2 in the middle (one playing as Attackers, the other Defenders). The objective is for the team on the outside to retain possession on outside only & when an opportunity arrives, play to the attacking team (whom combine/pass) and play it back out on a different side of the box. The defending team can only shadow/intercept but can tackle once the ball is inside. If the ball is turned over, then a transition happens & the outside team will swap with the defending team.

Coaching points

  • Ball needs to be passed quickly & accurately on the outside to try and move the defending out of shape.
  • Attacking team need to show small, sharp movements to create space to receive, and then good supporting angles from both team mates and outside players.

Drill tags: communication, football, movement, passing, possession, soccer

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