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Players work in groups of 4 (see progression).

Player 1 starts with the ball then passes out wide. Player 2 receives the ball dribbles forward then checks back and plays the ball to player 1 who switches the ball to player 3.

Keep repeating this sequence.

Coaching points

Wing players can create space by checking back for a ball to feet or come short and then sprint behind for ball into space.

Check away from the space you want to create and then sprint into it

The wide players should receive the ball facing into the pitch and look to either dribble forward or pass forward.

Players should be encouraged to dribble into space when they see it.

Make sure players switch the ball to the other wide player to find space.


Add in a defender which means player 2 can switch the ball to player 3 if player 1 is unable to receive a pass.

Add another central player in with a defender.

Add a GK and two defenders on the 18yd line and once one switch is completed play 3 v 2.

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