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Set up with as shown with eight cones. Four cones on the outside can be any colour, but ensure that two on the inside are one colour, and the other two are a different colour.

Have half of your players with one colour of cones, and the other half at the other end; as shown in diagram, red players are with the red cones, and yellow players with yellow cones.

  • Players pass to their team mate to the right before sprinting to the next cone of their colour (i.e. red player sprints to next available red cone).
  • Players who are passing the ball to someone on the opposite colour take two touches, one to control, one to pass, while that person recieving will pass the ball to the next cone with just one touch.

Coaching points

Important for passes to be quick, and for players to be alert.

Drill can be progressed by making the cones further apart, or by adding another ball at the other end.

Drill tags: passing, running, speed

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