Soccer Drill Demonstration


Objective: Developing practice above with team based small sided game.


  • Increase area to 50 x 50.
  • Split the players into 3 groups of 5 1 floater.
  • Each team has a ball and plays at the same time.
  • Teams transfer the ball around the area with the objective of the game to try and pass to a team mate through central square.
  • Teams must decide when it is possible to do this and when they must move the ball elsewhere.

Coaching points

  • Body position to receive the ball and transfer quickly.
  • Disguise in passing.
  • Running off the ball to receive pass.
  • Keep the ball moving.
  • Move the ball off the line to ensure angled passes.
  • Angles & distance of support.
  • Switch play to keep possession by moving the ball into areas where there is greater space.

Drill tags: football, movement, passing, receiving, small sided game, soccer

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