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Dealing with Long Shots

Goalkeeper positioning is vital when dealing with shots from long range. Develop your keepers concentration, positioning and movement to be solid behind the speculative efforts

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  • Make a small and narrow pitch with two goals each end and a halfway line marked with cones.
  • Two goalkeepers each end and up to 3 players on each team.
  • Players take shots at from behind the halfway line and keep a tally of the score.
  • Goalkeepers can score with volleys or throws.
  • When a goal is scored, goalkeeper rotates out and a player goes in goal.

Coaching points

  • The Goalkeeper needs to get into a position where they have good sight of the ball.
  • Goalkeeper to use communication to direct players to block the ball. Or prevent a shot with an assertive tone. 
  • Goalkeeper to create balance and compactness when out of possession.


  • Introduce a floating player in the middle who can set the goalkeepers.
  • Have only one goalkeeper that can use their hands and must be nominated after every goal. 
  • Play a small sided game where attacking players can only go in their own half apart from a striker in the opposition who can only score rebounds. 

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