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Dealing with the back pass Session Thumbnail
Dealing with the back pass

Deal with the back pass with composure and skill to be an outlet for an under pressure defence and clear your lines. But it’s not always as simple as it seems… work on coping with even the trickiest of passes!

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  • 4 Goalkeepers working in a square. 1 main goal and 3 others marked with cones. 
  • Goalkeeper 1 plays volley into the Goalkeeper in the opposite goal.
  • Goalkeeper 2 plays ball back to Goalkeeper 1 by rolling the ball on the ground.
  • Goalkeeper one then passes to Goalkeeper 3.
  • Goalkeeper 3 takes a touch and then shoots at Goalkeeper 4 in the main goal. 
  • Rotate clockwise after every sequence and change the start point so that the Goalkeepers get used to receiving from both sides.

Coaching points

  • There are multiple gains from this activity and it can work a number of goalkeepers. If there are 5 goalkeepers put one in the middle to pressure Goalkeeper 3.
  • With older/more experienced Goalkeepers increase the distance and type of serve between Goalkeeper 1 and Goalkeeper 2.
  • Observe Goalkeeper 3- Do they drop off at a good angle to receive the ball. Body shape open to come out the other side.
  • Ensure a good set to be able to clear the ball long if necessary.


Goalkeeper 1 or Goalkeeper 2 can pressure Goalkeeper 3 after the ball is played.

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