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Dealing with the back pass Session Thumbnail
Dealing with the back pass

Deal with the back pass with composure and skill to be an outlet for an under pressure defence and clear your lines. But it’s not always as simple as it seems… work on coping with even the trickiest of passes!

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  • Start with one Goalkeeper, 3 defenders and 2 attackers. Set up 2 mini goals outside and wide of the penalty box.
  • Ball is played back to the Goalkeeper from one of the defending team.
  • As soon as the ball is played back the attacking team are live and can apply pressure. 
  • Goalkeeper passes out to defending team who pass back again to Goalkeeper. The aim is to get 2 back passes in.
  • Once 2 back passes have been achieved, a shot at 1 of the 2 mini goals can be taken.
  • If the attacking team intercept, they are able to take a shot at the mini goals straight away.
  • Once one sequence has been achieved, rotate Goalkeeper. 


Coaching points

  • Do not allow the attacking team to be too aggressive initially so that the drill does not break down and player get a feel for it. 
  • Goalkeepers to move around the area to always offer an outlet and try and switch play away from the congested area. 
  • Defenders need to drop wide and ensure they are seen by the Goalkeeper. 
  • 3rd defender mimics the midfielder offering support in the centre of the pitch. 


Increase the intensity by removing a defender so that it is now 2v2. Attackers will now create more of a challenge and the Goalkeeper will have to work harder to become the outlet.

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