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Goalkeeping Dealing with Cutbacks Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeping Dealing with Cutbacks

Get your goalkeepers dealing with cutbacks by staying on their feet and anticipating the change of angle.

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  • Goalkeeper to start on the flat disc in centre of the goal and get used to movement turning in to the near post.
  • Goalkeeper, when getting set for the serve should be slightly more than arms length from the post and slightly in front of post.
  • Server volleys into hands.

Coaching points

  • Can the goalkeeper block at near post if required?


  • After the goalkeeper is confident with the movement pattern and the coach is happy with starting position from the server, move on to low dive away from the near post.
  • The next progression is a volley into hands, followed by the GK rolling the ball back to the initial server. The server then cuts the ball back for a server where the goalkeeper goes into dive

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