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Goalkeeping Dealing with Cutbacks Session Thumbnail
Goalkeeping Dealing with Cutbacks

Get your goalkeepers dealing with cutbacks by staying on their feet and anticipating the change of angle.

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  • Set up 4 mini goals using cones. These do not need to be large as we are still working on movement.
  • First goalkeeper moves to the byline and plays a cutback ball along the ground. The goalkeeper makes a save.
  • If the ball is secured the goalkeeper working then comes out of the back of their mini goal, rolls a ball to themselves and then cuts the ball back to the next goalkeeper.
  • Walk through the drill to begin with and do a full set so all of the goalkeepers know their role
  • Repeat until a full set has been completed.
  • If ball is parried into danger zone GK to get up fast and try and get into line with the ball to block the impending shot

Coaching points

  • Check set/start position of goalkeeper and weight is evenly distributed
  • Make sure the goalkeeper does not dive away from the near post to early
  • Goalkeeper to lead with hands and not feet. Secure the ball


  • Goalkeepers not working can join in and create a decision for the goalkeeper.
  • Server can play the ball to one of the other goalkeepers

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