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A player at back end of 18-yard area gives initial signal for type of corner to be taken (one hand or two hands up for example). The corner taker then relays this signal to the rest of the team.

Their team-mates in the box should have different roles, depending on their position. The player who gave the signal should run to receive the ball from corner taker, and runs with it before shooting or passing.

Coaching points

Decide with your players what each of the different signals means, as communication is key with set pieces.

  • A player on the goalkeeper, who will try to deter the keeper from coming out and distract.
  • A player on front post should go as if wanting to play short with the corner taker, to create space.
  • The three players attacking the corner from edge of area should make differring runs towards the backpost area.

Drill tags: corner, crossing, finishing, football, set piece

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