Soccer Drill Demonstration


Position players as shown in the diagram, with one ball between each team.

Player 1 passes the ball overhead to player 2, who passes the ball through their legs to player 3, who passes the ball overhead to player 4.

When the ball gets to the back of the line, the last player runs to the front and repeats the exercise.

Coaching points

Look for sharp, ballistic movements.

This exercise allows you to assess the anaerobic fitness of your players as it requires lots of quick, short, rapid movements - ideal for developing sharpness and speed.


When the ball reaches player 1 they should roll the ball through a tunnel of legs to the last player. The last player picks up the ball and runs to the front to repeat.

Alternatively player 1 can run in between players like a slalom as they sprint to the front, then player 2 goes.

May also add a leap frog element and hopping on one leg up the line and then back down on the other leg.

Drill tags: beginner, fun, game, junior, speed, warm, warm up

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