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Play a normal rules game across an area slightly narrower than half the pitch. On both sides of the pitch set out three cones at regular intervals.

Teams play out the game as normal, however after any missed/saved shot players on the attacking team must immediately run back and touch the next line behind them (marked by cones) - if players are stood on or close to a line they must retreat to the next closest line.

This will open space for the defending team to quickly launch a counter-attack.

Once players have run back and touched a line they can then rejoin the game.

Coaching points

This game is all about what you do when you gain possession and how you recover after losing possession (especially after a miss).

What do your players expect to happen in this game? What sort of game play is it promoting? (the fast break).

Look for quick runs into space and quick release to players in space close to the opposition goal.

Look for efficient and quick passing along the floor. As long as it's across the floor, players won't need many touches to control the ball.

Create a lot of space by running off the ball.

This game also doubles up as a great stamina drill - working your players hard as they rush to get back and touch the post so that they can defend their own goal from the fast break!

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