Soccer Drill Demonstration


6 players and 2 catchers. Both catchers have a ball each.

Catchers move around the area and attempt to throw their ball to hit one of the players on or below the knee. To do this, catchers must either bounce the ball or head, thigh or volley the ball every 3 paces. The other 6 players try to escape having the ball thrown at them below the knee by running around the area. If a player is caught, he joins the catchers. As only two balls are allowed in the game at one time, they can be passed between catchers.

Catchers cannot move with the ball

Coaching points

As you move, make curved runs so you can see the catcher and the ball.

Like soccer, you should always be moving.

Keep changing speed and direction.

Catchers should communicate their movements to one another and pass the ball as often as possible.

Drill tags: fun, warm up

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