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This game is designed to teach the players about body height in tackling and ruck clean out.

Set up a field about 15m long by 10m wide. Keep it narrow to give the defenders a better chance at catching the runners.

Tell all the players to line up at one end facing back down the playing field.

Choose 2 players to stand in the middle and tell them they are the defenders who have to tackle any runners before they reach the other side.

Explain to the runners they have to run from one end to the other without getting tackled by the defenders.

If a runner gets tackled they must stop exactly where they were tackled and stand on that spot. They are called bashers and cannot move their feet until the game is finished.

The bashers can, however, push runners over if they come close enough to reach (bashers cannot move their feet so a good strong stance is necessary). If a runner is pushed over by a basher he/she becomes a basher too.

Once the runners have made it through to the other end the bashers and tacklers turn around to face the runners and on the coaches call the run through again.

This continues until there are no more runners and the last runner wins.

Coaching points

Low body height, Push from low to high - get the runners off balance

Keep your head up and eyes open

Bear hug tackle - tackle low, get close and squeeze around both legs

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