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3 attackers start at the beginning of the grid who will go up against the tackle bag first and then the person in the body suit second; these two should not stand next to each other unless you move on to the progression.

At the coaches command the attackers will go into the tackle shield first with the ball carrier going to ground and the two supporters either both clearing out or one person clearing and the next picking up the ball and going into the next defender 5 metres behind who will be in a bodysuit.

The ball carrier here will try to stay strong on his feet and offload to the two support runners or one of them will come in and rip the ball and offload to the support runner who will finish by crossing over the line.

Coaching points

Communication like any activity is key to make it run smoothly, players must know what they are doing at the first breakdown so they can react to the second breakdown. Ball carrier into the tackle shield should have a leg drive and can then be told to go to ground by his support. Support should have an effective clear out by clearing the player away from the ball.

Hips lower than shoulders, wrap around with arms and pump feet etc. The second ball carrier must use core strength to stay on his feet and fight to offload the ball, if they cannot offload they should keep the ball secure and turn towards support runners. Support runners rip with same shoulder and same foot and turn back towards support runners to rip it and offload it.


More defenders could be involved with equipment of your choice. One tackle shield and one bodysuit next to eachother so that the bodysuit can attempt to contend for the ball at the breakdown and the attackers will need to react and clear him out.

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