Fielding Fitness - Speed and Agility in the Field!

This Sportplan session works on your players' rounders fitness, making sure your players have the stamina to keep running, from start to finish!

When most players hear the word fitness often their hearts will sink, but not all fitness sessions have to be painful! By making all the drills in this session rounders related you can keep your players motivated and engaged throughout as they can instantly see the direct benefit of completing these fielding specific skills.

  • Aspects of fitness covered in this session include: Running speed, Agility and Ability to dig deep and work, even when tired (plus a fun game to finish!)!

The fitter a player is, the better they can consistently perform skills and continue to concentrate (something that needs to be emphasised to even the most reluctant of players)! Make sure your players fit and ready!

Final thought: Games are often won by small margins, it's the small 1-2% improvements that can make all the difference!

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