Catching consistency! Skills and Games

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This Rounders session is working on your cherry pickers, your players out in the field, looking to improve their catching confidence as they pluck the ball from the air through a series of progressive drills and fun games!

Being able to take catches is a key part of the game. It's the quickest way to get other players out - whether it's from a mis-placed shot that goes a little too high or through confident and quick fielding - the better your players are at catching, the easier they'll find it to get the other team out!

To help your players react quicker - catching some of the tougher balls that are hit/ thrown quickly in their direction we start this session working in small groups of either 2 or 3 on their fast catching reactions. After this fast-paced warm up we then get your players to run onto the high catch, ensuring they can anticipate where the ball is going to land and that they can get themselves under the ball in time before finishing with not one, but two fun conditioned catching games!

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