Better Batting - Technique and Control

This Sportplan bat and ball session aims to cover all the bases as we work on your players' batting skills through a combination of fun games and skills drills!

If truth be told the one thing players want to do when they hear that they're going to be playing rounders is to bat! Every player loves to have a go at pelting the ball for six. However, before your players can be home run heroes it's important that they concentrate on actually hitting the ball first!

To ensure your players make contact when the ball is bowled this session works on your players' hand-eye coordination, gently progressing players through the skills required to successfully strike the ball.

So what's in the session? We start this session with a fun circle reaction drill, we then move onto perfecting the technique, from stance to swing, before finishing with a fun full pitch game - giving your players the chance to put what they've learnt into practice!

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