The 3 Rs of netball - Receive, Rotate and Release

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A common coaching complaint is that players only react to what is going on around them, they don't anticipate what is going to happen. This is where the three R's come in. The faster your players are able to handle and move the ball around the court, the more time they will have the look around them, assess the game and see what options are available to them.

Receive Rotate Release

To make sure your players adopt this principle and use it in their next game we've created this session for use with all ages and abilities.

What's in the Session?

Starting with some wall passing exercises, to get your players used to the ball coming back at them straight away, we then continue to look at ways of getting your players to catch, jump and pivot in one fluid movement. To finish with we give your players the chance to put their new skills to the test in a game situation, giving you an opportunity to step back and see the improvement in your team.

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