Successfully feeding the shooting circle

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An incredibly important aspect of any netball game is having the ability to successfully feed the shooting circle. In addition, the shooters must be aware of one another and able to balance the circle.

What's in the Session?

1) Accurate feeding into the circle - It is important that your players around the edge of the circle feed the shooters where they want the ball, into space and away from the defender.

2) Shooter movement - This is crucial for successful shooting circle, developing your players awareness of each other and reading off each others movement.

3) Movement around the circle - The players on the edge of the circle should keep moving on and off the circle edge, repositioning to be in a good place to feed the shooters.

4) Game situation - It is important that your players can put the drills learnt into practice. With certain conditions placed upon the game, it allows your players to be consciously aware of their own and others movement.

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