Simple yet effective ways to beat a defender!

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It is important to know and be able to utilise a number of ways to get free in order to be successful in attack! Simple adjustments to your body angle for example, can make all the difference.

The session begins with a fun warm-up focused around a modified game of netball. The warm-up is designed to encourage your players to consider their movement and choice of pass in different situations. The session progresses to provide drills to help develop your players movement and make them aware of their body angle. ?Pairs dodging? provides your players with the opportunity to work on their movement in relation to their teammates, so they are not in the same space at the same time. The session concludes with a modified game of netball, with certain conditions placed upon the game to get your players implementing what they have learnt.

Effectively develop your player?s attacking movement in order to equip them with the skills required to maintain possession and increase your attempts on goal.

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