Pre-season Session 1 - Back in the swing of it!

As you get back into the swing of the season after a summer of some social netball, start to rediscover your form with some fun drills to rediscover your fitness, movement and basic skills.

What's in the session?

Let?s take things back to the playground to get us moving whilst having a bit of fun by playing a game of bulldog? but steady how your go, they?re still all teammates! The next part of the session incorporates some technical aspect of the game, firstly starting out with some fitness based practices before moving on to incorporating the fitness elements with some basics netball skills. Develop your players ability to make connections and rediscover their simple skills. The fun aspects continue through games of Ball Release Tag and into the modified game of 2-Ball Madness which encouraged the players to incorporate all aspects of the session.

Rediscovering your form from last season won?t be instant, but making your players enjoy their first session or two back will certainly help them find the motivation to work hard to get back up to speed.

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