Movement Skills - The Roll

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Players can lose their markers with a dodge, a feint, a change of pace or even as little as a glance in the opposite direction. All of these are essential space making tools that every player should be equipped with and we intend to give them another tool in their arsenal - the roll!

The roll is a 360 degree rotation, preceded by a fake step forwards, used by players to lose their marker as they spin behind their marker to get into space to receive a pass.

Not only does this movement create space for the player performing the move it can also be used to draw a defender out of the way, leaving lots of space for another player to run into! Once mastered your players will be able to bamboozle even the most switched on of defenders!

What's in the session? Three easy to follow sections:

  1. We start with a musical Warm-Up
  2. Then we teach the Roll and practice losing your marker
  3. Lastly we finish with two Conditioned games - giving your players a chance to put practice into play

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