Developing hard, fast and direct passing to maximise success on goal!

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That old coaching cliche, ?the ball moves faster than the player?. The holy grail of netball is to play at speed and with accuracy so by developing the skills to pass with pace, straight to the target, your team will soon be controlling games and attacking with venom.

What?s in the Session?

Start the session off with a straightforward keep-ball practice to get the team warmed-up mentally and physically. The session then picks up intensity, working the players passing and receiving techniques whilst on the move. The emphasis is put upon their ability to pass and then move to offer a secondary and tertiary pass to maximise success at goal. Have fun with different practices and take on the role of the Gladiators running the gauntlet to get the ball from the defensive third to the attacking section.

Develop direct passing, concise movements and expert vision to turn defence into attack in a heartbeat.

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