Developing Decision Making and Reactions On and Off the Ball!

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Test and develop your player's reactions with a series of fun yet challenging drills, using this session to ensure that your team are quicker to the ball than the opposition. Improve their ability to react to the ball and their team-mates to gain and maintain possession of the ball - make sure your players are all on the same page!

What's in the session?

By testing your player's reactions, you'll be able to develop their anticipation of the ball, reading the play easily and then reacting quickly to either gain possession or maintain it. As well as working on many key core skills needed in Netball - such as speed and agility - we make sure that your team's decision making is up to scratch, moving off the ball to provide the option for an attack.

By changing up the pace of play and reacting quickly to the ball, your team will be able to launch effective attacks and score those all-important points. Use this session today!

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