Defending Principle: Developing Stage 2 Defence - Lets Get Intercepting!

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This session will progress your player's defending on from Stage 1 to Stage 2, moving from shadowing the opposition to intercepting. It's key when on court to anticipate the ball and what the opposition will do next, leading to intercepting the play and putting your team on the front foot. Limit the opposition's attacking options by reading the game, sensing where they'll pass next and then making a firm stop to their attack. Apply pressure and your players will soon be going on an attack of their own!

What's in the Session?

Start with a simple game of Piggy in the Middle, to start getting your players up and on their toes - ready to intercept the ball when the opportunity arrives. We then go through some skill development drills, working on your player's position when ready to intercept the ball from the opposition. It's key that your defenders use fast feet and keep their eye on the ball whilst marking with these drills, so they can have quicker reactions when reaching for the ball. Work through various different drills to get your players thinking and moving, such as the Figure of 8 Defence drill as they look to nab the ball off the attackers. Finish off with a modified game and watch how your players have improved!

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