Defending Principle: Developing Stage 1 Defence - Tight Shadow Defence!

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This session will develop your player’s existing defending skills and then to progress from there, through a series of fun yet challenging drills to drive your team. Follow this session to get your players limiting the opposition attacking options and space, so your defence can help move forward the attack! Keep a tight unit when defending and you’ll be well on your way to victory.

What’s in the Session?

Use fun but tricky drills to get your team working hard but enjoying themselves in this session! Start off with a fun warm-up game to get your player’s heartbeat up and ready for some Netball. Continue onto drills which will get your players working on shadowing the opposition, focusing on the ball and ready to anticipate the opposition’s next move. Shadowing is a big part of Stage 1 defending and improving this skill will develop your players’ defensive skills, ready to take on the opposition!

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