Defence around the Circle

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This session is all about your defenders getting into strong positions and dictating play. By driving the attackers wide, you can force them to make more passes or make it harder to keep possession, both of which increase the chances to intercept.

What’s in the Session?

A fun group warm up gets your players ready for the session. After this, get your defenders working on repositioning based on which attacker has the ball, making their attacker less available for a pass. They look for cues of a pass to their attacker, so they can be ready for the interception.

In addition to shutting down passing options, the defenders then need to use their body position to dictate the attacker away from the circle; this is important because if the attacker gets the ball, then it forces longer lifted feeds into the circle, which could be easier to intercept.

Defenders should work together to help shut down options and drive the attackers into difficult positions to have to make more passes.

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