Attacking Principle: Fast, accurate footwork to outwit the defence!

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A players attacking skills are often the extra touch of quality that makes the difference between winning and losing a tight game. Develop your players attacking options by teaching them how to lose their defender through various clever footwork techniques.

What's in the session?

Begin the session with a thorough and fun warm-up of street ball so your players are ready to take on a physically and mentally demanding session. The session progresses into the technical practices, focussing particularly on the attackers footwork. Leading is a massively aspect of the game and with space a rare commodity on the court, being able to lose your defender and make connection with effective footwork is a necessity. The session works with multiple practices working on:

  • The 4 Corner Cut Back
  • Diagonal Cut To Lead
  • 1 vs 1 Fast, decisive footwork
  • Reverse Pivot in 3's
  • Finish the session with a modified game that encourages the players to incorporate these new skills into a match-specific scenario and develop their understanding of how accurate and decisive footwork will outwit the defence.

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