3D Interception session: Driving, Dynamic Defences

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In this session we look at how you can get your players to cover the space when a player moves to make an interception.

To help you coach the interception we use the "3D" - Driving, Dynamic Defences.

Firstly your player needs to drive into the space between the passer and the receiver to poach the ball.

Secondly the rest of the team needs to be dynamic, taking the responsibility to move to cover the space left open by the player's move to intercept the ball.

Thirdly they need to be defensively minded, being prepared to drop back and cover and more importantly recover quickly to stop holes opening up for the other team to exploit.

What's in the Session?

To make your players more aggressive in defence we start by working in simple situations, working in 2v1 situations. This gives the intercepting player a 50/50 choice and makes the skill easy to practice. As they improve and their success rate improves you will be able to progress them onto more game-like drills.

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