Swimming Drill Demonstration


Catch up drill 25 *8 rest 1:00

Focus on your breath: begin the breath with the start of the pull and end it as the arm recovers. The head should not rotate independent from the body when breathing, but roll with the body.
Try to rotate evenly on each side. Freestyle is not “flat,” most of your time will be spent rotating from one side to the other.
Try to accelerate your catch, picking up speed towards the finish.
Think about your underwater work: you want to have a high elbow during the catch, and starting the catch from a fully extended position should make that easier for you to focus on.
Try to keep a steady kick regardless of what arm is pulling or recovering. Does your kick have a hitch when you breath? Is it worse on one side than the other? Catch Up Drill can help you isolate such hitches and give you the opportunity to see what feels right on one side and try to mimic the feeling on the other side.
It is okay to wear fins during the drill, but try not to rely on them

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