Swimming Drill Demonstration


3 Stroke Kick on Side Drill

Push off from the wall and rotate your body with the left side facing the bottom of the pool. Extend your left arm and place your left ear on your shoulder. Your eyes are looking toward the bottom of the pool and slightly forward.

Keep your right arm at your side with your fingers pointing toward your feet. Kick 6 to 8 times then take three smooth freestyle strokes starting with your left arm and fully exhale underwater during the three strokes. Take a deep breath on your third stroke and stay on your right side for 6 to 8 kicks and repeat.

Focus on your breathing first to stay relaxed. By teaching yourself to stay relaxed you will be able to swim stronger longer.

To get the most out of these drills it's usually best to use a set of short fins to help propel you through the water. Once you are comfortable breathing during each drill then shift your focus to improving your stroke technique and body position in the water.

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