Swimming Drill Demonstration


The session has a duration of 15 minutes (15 laps in total, whether the swimming pool is 50 mt or 25 mt).

The first 5 minutes are to warm up the arms. Use a pull buoy to keep your legs afloat and swim in crawl style only with your arms for 5 laps. You are supposed to complete 1 lap in 1 minute, so 5 laps in 5 minutes.

The following 5 minutes are to warm up the legs. Help yourself with a swimming float and swim only with your legs in crawl style, in order to complete other 5 laps.

The last 5 minutes are to warm up all your body. Swim in crawl style for 5 laps, keeping a moderate speed, not too slow, nor too fast. It doesn't matter if you're not fast in this session, what is important is being constant in swimming and in breathing.

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