1. What is Sportplan?

    Sportplan is designed to make your life as a coach easier. With Sportplan you can:

    • Search 1000s of animated and video coaching drills
    • Use powerful coaching tools to sketch your own drills and create professional sessions
    • Share plans with team and colleagues
    • Access Sportplan on your mobile and tablet devices, so you can take your coaching with you wherever you go

  2. What do I get with free membership?
  3. Free members have limited use of the Sportplan coaching tools and a restricted view of the sport library of videos and animations (3 drills per category). You'll also receive our weekly newsletter, which includes a drill of the week which you can try with your teams.

    See the table below to quickly compare the benefits of free and full membership:



    • Drills
    •   Sessions Of
      The Week
    • Sketching Tool
    • Saved Sketches
    • Planner Tool
    • Saved Session Plans
    • Favourites
    • Answers
    • Session Shop



    • Up to 50 samples
    • Locked
    • Public
    • 5 only
    • Full price

    Unlock Library


    • All drills
    • All sessions
    • Private
    • Unlimited
    • 30% discount


    NB. Not all sports include all features so please check your specific sport's advert before purchasing.

  4. How much does full Sportplan membership cost?
  5. Sportplan offers different price options depending on how long you would like to join. The latest price plans are listed below:

      Single Sports Subscription:

      £5.49 (GBP) for 1 month membership

      £14.99 (GBP) for 3 months membership

      £24.99 (GBP) for 6 months membership

      £44.99 (GBP) for 12 months membership

    Please log on for free and try the site out for yourself, you won't be asked for any money unless you wish to unlock the full library.

    NB. All memberships automatically renew at the end of the contract period. You can switch off automatic renewal at any time after purchase via your account settings - you will continue to have full access to Sportplan until your next renewal date. After this you will be downgraded from a full access member to a free member.

  6. Do you offer packages for Schools/Clubs?

    Yes, we offer great value packages for schools and clubs. Packages provide you with Sportplan access for 1 year and can be bought for 1 sport, 3 sports, 5 sports or all sports.

    To find out more about pricing and the benefits of our schools package please visit schools package page for more information.

    To find out more about pricing and the benefits of our clubs package please visit clubs package page for more information.

    If you would like to purchase this package for your school now you can either download our application form (PDF) and send it to us by fax/post or you can apply by email. If you have any additional questions about multi-sport packages please email alex@sportplan.com

  7. Why are the videos not playing?

    The most common reason for videos not working on Sportplan is because you might have an outdated version of Flash Player.

    To check if you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, please go to http://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer/

    If you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player and the videos continue to not work then you can contact us using our feedback page.

  8. Where do I find my saved sessions?
  9. Once you have saved a session, you can still re-visit it by opening your sessions folder.

    To open your sessions folder, click the sessions icon on the left hand side. All of your sessions can be found here for you to view or make changes.

    You can also open recently saved sessions in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Your most recently saved sessions will be listed here, and all you need to do is click on the title to open the session.

  10. How do I create a folder of sessions?
  11. Creating folders is handy way to keep your sessions organised. To create a folder:

    • Go to the sessions page,
    • Then click on the folder icon on the left
    • Enter a title and description for your folder and click ok

    You'll now find yourself back on the sessions page. To add sessions to a folder:

    • Hover over the options button beside your session
    • Select the "move to" option
    • Choose the folder you would like to add your session to.

  12. Can I delete a sessions folder?
  13. Just like on your computer you can delete a folder on Sportplan. To do this:

    • Go to the sessions page and select the folder (from the left) which you'd like to delete
    • Now click on the drop down arrows beside your session title (top of page)
    • Choose the delete option.

    This folder will now be removed from your account. Any sessions that were in this folder at the time of deletion will not be deleted. These sessions will be marked as "having no folder" and can be found in your "All items" folder on the sessions page.