Stay On The Ball During The Off-Season

  • January 15th, 2018
  • Camilla Chapman

The Australian Open is underway down under in Melbourne, with the biggest names in tennis going head to head, in what is the first major of the season. The tournament comes at the start of the new season, with the stars taking a well-earned break during the off-season, before getting prepared for the Open.

Your team may have also had a break over the festive period - or even it's the start of your season - and it's now time to get back into the swing of things, ahead of your next match. Follow these top tips and don't be sluggish after a break!

Rest and refresh

Make sure that during your time away from sport - whether it's just through the festive period or a longer off-season break - that you fully rest up and recover. The season can be long and puts a lot of strain on your body, so it's important that you take enough time to recharge the batteries. Relax and add in a few small training sessions to do during this time to keep your aerobic fitness up, so that when the season starts up again, you're feeling refreshed and ready to go!

Don't overtrain

When it's time to return to training, make sure that you don't overtrain and overdo it on the double sessions. You may want to get up to speed as quickly as possible but if you train too much, then you run the risk of burning out or injuring yourself before the season has even started. Balance out your training with sufficient rest and ease yourself back into your training regime, pushing yourself to within your limits; train smart.

Put in the effort

Whilst it's important to not overtrain yourself, you will need to put in the effort to get yourself back to fitness. Set out your training regime and work hard to achieve the level that you want to reach but remember, you will need to pace yourself. Don't rush back into training if you're not ready to put in the full 100% so make sure you are ready to return, both physically and mentally.

Be strict

Once you do return to full training, then make sure that you stick to your training regime. If you wish to get back to a certain level of performance, then you will need to be strict with yourself and a certain amount of discipline to train regularly. After a break, it can be difficult to get back into a routine once again, but it's important that you get back into the swing of things before your first game back. Eat well, drink well and train well; follow these steps and you'll be back ruling the court!