Prevent Injury With the Right Footwear!

  • April 16th, 2015
  • Camilla Chapman

With marathon season upon us - and the London Marathon just around the corner - we take a look at what your players should be looking for when buying their footwear, to help them avoid injury and get the best out of their performance!

Did you know as shock absorbers, your feet will be subjected to one million pounds of force during one hour of strenuous exercise? Whether on a run or playing out on the tennis court, it's essential that your players have the right footwear for the best support. Plus it can prevent injury by as much as 25%! Read on for our best tips!

  • Running: For a good running shoe, look for trainers with a good cushion, excellent flexibility and good traction. It's important that the shoe has control and stability in the heel area, so you can decrease the risk of injury when out on the run. When running competitively - such as in a marathon or athletics meet - it is also important to have ample cushioning and control, though you may find you run better with minimal cushioning. If you do decide to choose a cushioning shoe, then look for a pair which has overall shock absorption for the foot!
  • Tennis: When on the tennis court, you need a shoe which can support moving from side-to-side (lateral motion) quickly or shifts in weight - it is key you choose a shoe which has stability on the inside and outside of the foot. Flexibility beneath the ball of the foot allows for quick movements, so you can reach those drop-shots at the net!
  • Cross Trainers: Cross trainers refer to shoes that can be used for more than one sport and combines several features to do so. You don't necessarily need to change shoes with every sport you play, particularly if the shoe you're wearing provides good enough support. However if you take part in a sport three times a week, we do recommend you buy sports specific shoes. A good example of a cross trainer would be a shoe which has good flexibility needed for running, as well as the control and grip needed for sports such as Tennis. If you need a particular shoe for any problems, you can then find one suited to your needs. So for example if you suffer from shin splints, you may need a shoe with better shock absorption.

If you'd like to read further information, then take a look at this helpful factpage.

If you're taking a coaching session or taking part in a marathon, it's important you keep fully hydrated - particularly if the sun decides to shine! Relax and most importantly, have fun!

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