Make a splash - new Swimming plans

  • February 15, 2013
  • Alex Blackman

As part of our ongoing improvements to Sportplan we are pleased to announce we've just added 9 new swimming sessions.

To ensure there's something for everyone we have three different levels to help you identify the session that's right for you swimmers:

  1. These sessions cover confidence in the water and basic body positions, using simple descriptions to help children understand and visualise complex techniques.
  2. These sessions are designed for your paddlers, swimmers with a basic level of confidence in the water and a knowledge of stroke technique but who still need to put the components together for a more efficient swimming technique.
  3. Level 3 swimmers will be able to get their feet off the floor with confidence but have not yet mastered the full stroke technique, that's where these sessions come into play - continuing to develop their technique

Never coached swimming before? Not a problem. These simple to follow plans contains clear descriptions, videos and photos to improve your young swimmer's water confidence through simple tasks, games and repetition.

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