The new FIH Rules of Hockey 2019

  • December 19th, 2018
  • Jaime Bracewell

From the 1st January, five new law amendments will come in to force for the Rules of Hockey. These rule changes were proposed in Lausanne, Switzerland by the Rules Committee of the International Hockey Federation in their biennial meeting and consequently approved by the Executive Board.
The detailed amendments will be available from the 21st December.

The five proposed amendments:

  1. Four quarters as standard match format

  2. Removal of the option for teams to play with no goalkeeper and a field player with goalkeeping privileges

  3. Defending a free hit within 5 meters, including when in the circle

  4. Free hits awarded in the defensive circle can be taken anywhere in line with where the ball went off

  5. Removal of the option that a penalty corner is completed when the ball travels outside of the circle for the second time

Make sure you are your players are up to date when the detailed amendments become available later this week. For more information take a look at the FIH website.