Enhancing Technique with Gary Palmer

  • May 28th, 2019
  • Tom Bean

Batting Guru, Gary Palmer, has worked with the best players in the world - credited with the twice resurgent Alistair Cook's return to form throughout his career, it's safe to say Palmer knows a thing or two about the technicalities of batting.

Working meticulously on the finer points of a players technique, Palmer has a clear idea on the most effective and efficient batting techniques - his methods look to challenge all aspects of batting from the technical details of ones game to the physical and mental facets. Palmer looks at batting holistically, with each part connected starting with Alignment and Balance.

His approach tests players concentration with high repetitions for prolonged periods so they recognise what perfection looks and feels like to prepare them for long stints in the middle. These innovative techniques are proven to work, with a number of county and international players coming through The Gary Palmer Batting Lab.

In the build up to the World Cup, Sportplan host a seminar to get an exclusive insight into the way Palmer works, accessing his wealth of knowledge to determine his main coaching philosophies and favoured approaches when developing young and experienced batsmen alike.

"It's all about making batting easier and more natural"

Gary bases his coaching around being able to consistently hit between mid-on and mid-off to the highest technical standards. Once they have these foundations, batters can improvise to play any shot and hit the ball where they want. It's about making batting easier and more natural.

"Bat up over off-stump and 2nd slip - that's a must"

Gary initially clarifies the most effective and efficient batting technique, highlighting common issues which batters confront when trying to play in the V. He pays close attention to detail when explaining the technique - the bat should be up over off-stump and second slip with the shoulders slightly open.

"Most of you are pretty good at keeping your shape..."

Once the ideal technique has been outlined, Gary looks at correcting common mistakes which inhibit the batter achieving the perfect technique. He continues to clarify the most efficient technique but also repairs flaws which have crept into players games.

"You need to let them know what perfection looks like and feels like"

Once the batters know the technique, Gary makes sure they understand what perfection looks and feels like. In this part, he constantly challenges the technical and physical aspects of batting by using innovative ways to put pressure on their technique to improve.

"Hold the shape so it's going into the muscle memory"

The final part of Gary's philosophy aims to construct and maintain a players technique with high repetitions for long periods of time to challenge the technical, mental and physical aspects of the skill. After developing the feel of perfection, it needs to be built into the muscle memory to be re-produced when the pressure is on.

This drill illustrates how Gary Palmer constructs his sessions to repair and develop techniques in line with his own coaching philosophy. For him, it's about making batting easier and more natural so he attempts to deliver the feel of perfection as to what is most natural to each individual whilst still inline with the most effective and efficient technique. Start by discovering Alignment and Balance.

Keep an eye out for more Gary Palmer drills which target other aspects of batting in the same nature.