Swimming: Stroke Development Breaststroke

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Body Position
Following the leg kick your body will be stretched out and streamlined lying flat in the water at which point the pull commences and the lifting of the head and shoulders takes place to breath.



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Stroke Development Breaststroke

Elite Pulling Pattern From the stretch position press the water with your hands outwards and downwards pushing your upper arm, forearm, wrist and hand out sideways just wide of the shoulders and no more than twice shoulder width. The hands then lead the forearm in a downwards and inwards circling action bringing the hands close together under and in front of the chin on the water surface with hands facing each other, continue with immediate recovery of the hands forward to the starting position for the next stroke cycle. The palms of the hands must be continually fixed on the water as a continuous scull rather than a pulling action. The complex breaststroke pull has three main phases, Out-Sweep, In-Sweep & Up-Sweep and Recovery. a) The Out-Sweep Phase will occur with the palms of the hands facing outwards at approximately 40 degrees and fixed in the water approximately 20 centimetres below the water surface. The hands are pushed outwards to no more than twice shoulder width. During the out-sweep, the hands will have a projection of outwards and slightly upwards towards the water surface. b) The In-Sweep Phase is more powerful than the outsweep. Apply twice as much power during the in-sweep phase of the stroke. Do not pull the hands too far back during the in-sweep, simply change the angle of your hands from 'Out' to 'In' and bring hands together at approximately 40 degrees through the water once again. Hands, forearms and elbows are pressed in towards the chest with the pitch of the hands lifting up to the water surface. You will be lifted clear of the water surface by this action due to the generated power. The in-sweep produces the most propulsion within the stroke cycle. As the handsm come together during the in-sweep the breath is taken with the face well clear of the water surface. Hands, forearms and elbows will always remain in front of the chest. Do not allow the elbows to finish wide outside the body line. c) The Recovery Phase. Following the in-sweep and simultaneously, the hands are pushed forwards at very high speed. This is called the 'Recovery Phase' and is executed with the hands starting almost on the water surface and travelling to approximately 20cm below the surface and rising again at the front of the stroke as you stretch forwards. The hands will finish at a 40 degree angle in the water with palms facing outwards and fixed in the water just below the surface, arms will be fully extended in a streamline position ready to start the out-sweep once again.

Stroke Development Breaststroke


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