Soccer Drill Demonstration


Set up as shown with 2 players outside the small diamond area.

1 ball between the two.

The area should be a 4x4 diamond, however the shape and size can be modified depending on the level of your players and the main aspect of controlling and passing that you want to achieve.

Players pass to each other, taking 2 touches, the first with the interior to control and the second with the exterior to pass.

At any moment one of them can take the first touch with the interior to another side, this is a trigger for the other player to quickly take up a new position oppposite and they keep working again from this new position.

Coaching points

Work on good firm passes that will allow the first touch of the players to be tested and improved.

Players should be ready and 'on their toes'.

Can you get them practicing on both their feet and eventually using both feet automatically, depending on which side the ball arrives at.

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