Soccer Drill Demonstration


Set out two lines of six discs approximately 5 yards apart. Station 1 player by each disc. One ball per player. One team is the "Rats" and the others the "Rabbits". When the coach calls out "Rabbits", the rabbits team chase the rats to the end line. The rabbits must tag the rats before they reach the safety of their end line. Repeat in the opposite direction when the coach calls out "Rats".

Coaching points

Cover the ground as quickly as possible when running with the ball.

Try to stop the ball on your endline with the sole of your foot.

Get the ball out from under your feet.


Increase the pace of the game by having players:
a) Jump over the ball
b) Touch the ball with the sole of their feet, or
c) Sit up and down on the ball, when standing in position, etc.

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